Starbucks And Fashionistas

I rarely ever go to Starbucks for coffee, I am a die hard Chocoholic and this place serves the best hot Chocolate in town. Chocolate & chatter sets my head buzzing with creative ideas when I am working on such a task.

But nothing gets my juices flowing like sitting there and observing trendiest members of the opposite sex pouring in from the vicinity. Don’t get me wrong, I am happily married to a gorgeous woman. I am just obsessed with watching their claws come out faster and longer than Wolverine when one walks in front of the other wearing a chic ensemble. I live for moments like this!

To the untrained eye it may seem that some of the chicest ones in the room are busy fiddling with their mobile gadgets or chatting away with their friends while sipping their frappuccinos.

Let me explain what is going on there, their peripheral vision is on full alert. As soon as a fashionista pops up on their radar, the eyes swiftly home in on the target like a heat seeking missile. Everything gets scanned from top to bottom within the fraction of a second and almost always their eyes fixate on the shoes. And if this competitor happens to have an attractive face they will track its movement until it is at rest or out of sight.

Owing to their revered multitasking skills they do this scanning-for-competition-exercise while giggling away, chatting, munching, sipping & never giving a hint to their company. Well, if two or more of them are good friends they will alert each other.

With the arrival of every new member of the fairer sex, this cycle keeps repeating over and over. I wonder what goes on in their head –

  • Do they feel their territory has been invaded?
  • Are they judging the other person’s taste in fashion?
  • Are they trying to figure out how to get that hairstyle?
  • Do they wish they had that cute little mobile cover too?
  • Do they feel their “eyeball” worthiness has decreased because the new person who walked in is pretty too?
  • Do they want to know where they could get those shoes from?
  • Do they wish they could strangulate the other person?
  • Do they scream ‘Bitch!’ for every desirable attribute they observe in the other person?

I will never know, but I guess jealousy cannot be ruled out.