Sexy Model Eats Chinese While Wakeboarding in Russia OCTOBER 2013 – YouTube

Our Russian friends never cease to amaze us.


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Using Instagram to Grow Your Blog or Personal Brand

Some interesting tips on utilizing your Instagram account to keep your blog active.

The Daily Post

Some of you may not use Instagram as actively as others, but even if you’re not an addict of the app, it might offer a new outlet to build your blog and personal brand. After all, your blog is just one aspect of you — if you’re on Instagram, perhaps you can find ways to bridge these two networks and grow your online presence.

Lead new visitors to your blog

Instagram profileThe simplest thing you can do? Include your blog URL in your Instagram bio, so app users can poke around on (the mobile version of) your site.

But let’s say you’re a food blogger, and you post pictures of the delicious meals you’ve whipped up, courtesy of the recipes on your blog. Why not mention in a comment that users can prepare these plates themselves by visiting your blog? (It’s worth noting that currently, URLs in Instagram comments

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Tennessee teenager walks out of the dentists’ clinic believing that she is a NASCAR driver and that she won the world series.