Sugar Ray – Someday

One of Sugar Ray‘s best songs, every 90’s music junkie has heard this awesome track. This is one of those songs that is still played on radio station‘s everywhere. Mark McGrath‘s gravelly voice and the laid back tune makes this song perfect to be playing in the background when friends get together.

Ariana Grande brings the 90’s back!

Ariana Grande’s ‘Baby I’ is a refreshing track that pays ode to the 90’s music and fashion. This artist is bursting with musical talent and the fact that she is incredibly cute is an added bonus.  I think we are witnessing a legend in the making.

Backstreet Boys – As long as you love me

When I was an undergraduate, it was impossible to go to a college festival and not hear this track being played out.

Ghetto Superstar

This was my Jam back in the day. I used to wait all day everyday to watch this song on MTV. Mya’s voice and beauty blows me away every time I watch it.

90’s – A time for great music and terrible fashion


Those of us who grew up as teens during the 90’s would agree that this was a great time for music no matter what part of the world you were in. But almost everybody would agree that the 90’s was a time for the most awkward fashion trends, particularly men’s fashion.

India liberalized its economy in 1991 and the country’s middle class reveled in this never before witnessed ‘ka-ching’ phenomena. I remember my father raking in moolah throughout that decade, every Diwali was sweeter and louder than the one before.

Foreign television networks exploded on CRT TV sets throughout the nation post 1995 with the introduction of Cable Television Networks (Regulation) Act. MTV made the first inroads in the youth psyche with its colorful, clean, techy, vibrant visuals and smooth talking hosts like Nikhil Chinapa, Cyrus Broacha, Maria Goretti, Sophiya Haque & Shenaz Treasurywala

Those days MTV was sincerely interested in playing the best music from around the world. The Backstreet Boys made a big impact on the pop culture scene with their chart topping “Quit Playing Games (With My Heart)”, many others followed – N’Sync, FIVE, 911, Code Red, Michael Learns To Rock, 98 Degrees, No Doubt, Westlife, All-4-One, Boyz II Men and many others.

The way that these bands had an impact on men’s fashion was that men did not have to restrict themselves to Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan, Aamir Khan or Akshay Kumar for fashion inspiration come Diwali or Raksha Bandhan. The Backstreet Boys and Guns N’ Roses were on everything from T-shirts to lunch boxes. Here lies the origin of some of the most cringe worthy school and college time photographs. I have no doubt it was a time of great confusion for the stylists of these bands and that confusion trickled down to the masses thick and fast.

Full sleeved & ribbed turtle necks! Can anybody ever forget them? I remember wearing them in Mumbai‘s sweltering heat and feeling sublime. Baggy jeans which were then referred to as ‘anti fit’ were a rage too, so were thick denim shirts. And if you were not wearing ‘anti fit’ jeans you were still wearing them high above your waist.

Everything that was impractical to wear in Mumbai’s humid climate was considered trendy. I remember cheap Tommy Hilfiger knock offs being immensely popular those days, any polo neck t-shirt with a pattern of unsightly vertical stripes and a small logo on the pocket was considered a bona fide and hence a must have wardrobe item.

Wearing white colored running shoes or hiking shoes by Woodland with formal trousers is a fashion faux pas that was commonly seen in every college campus back then. But no fashion crime can be bigger than the one I am going to tell you about – wearing socks and sandals with a pair of loose cargo pants was considered the epitome of coolness in every college and coaching class. A sandal brand that went by the name of Kitos was akin to what Crocs is today and people literally scrambled over each other to buy them from street side vendors.

Those were the days people! I sincerely wish I could go back and do it all over again.