100 Years Of Fashion In 100 Seconds | Awareness

100 Years Of Fashion In 100 Seconds | Awareness

Great piece of work. 


Counting Crows – American Girls – YouTube

“Hey, she said come back again tonight
And I said, I might, I might, I might”

Galaxy S5: Samsung finally delivers the ideal Android phone (review)

A Review of the Galaxy S5

Neve Campbell on ‘Mad Men,’ ‘90s Nostalgia, and Why the ‘Scream’ Movie Franchise is Over – The Daily Beast

Neve Campbell on ‘Mad Men,’ ‘90s Nostalgia, and Why the ‘Scream’ Movie Franchise is Over – The Daily Beast

90s babe Neve Campbell gives an interview about starring in Mad Men and her take on 90s Nostalgia. 

The $100M quarter: why deals are flowing into content marketing

Interesting insight into the world of content marketing

WWE Legend The Ultimate Warrior Dead at 54

R.I.P James Hellwig a.k.a The Ultimate Warrior

Here’s how the blocks in Google’s Project Ara modular phone stay put (video)


The first Project Ara developer conference takes place in two weeks to move Google’s(s goog) modular phone platform effort forward. The project aims to offer a range of personalized phones made up from small bricks; each with different functions. Customers can choose the features of their phone and even swap out old blocks with new ones.

Project Ara isn’t just a concept, though. In this video from Phonebloks that introduces some of the Project Ara team members you can see how the group has engineered the blocks to fit together, making up a complete phone.

The blocks are held together with electro-permanent magnets which are a combination of electromagnets that use power and permanent magnets that don’t. This will allow the modules to stay in place even when the phone is not on.

One of the other interesting aspects I noted when watching is that Project Ara is looking…

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Samsung claims a graphene breakthough — which may be huge for future wearables

This is incredible!

I Love You – Saigon Kick – YouTube

Not a bad song to wake up to. One of those rare gems from the 90s that made them the magical years they were.

Clever teenager says he can save US governments £240m by changing font on official documents